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The Pine Bend Scout Club Foundation (PBSC) was founded in 2002 to support Birch Bend campground, as well as youth education and development projects associated with the Pine Bend Association. Part of the mission of the PBA is to foster youth education in the outdoors, and to do this the College of Wilderness Knowledge (CWK) was established in 2003, and Eagle's Nest in 2005.

In order to continue the efforts of youth education and development, as well as conservation of the environment of Birch Bend, the leaders of the Pine Bend Association recognized that future financial support would be needed. The PBSC Foundation offered a way for members and other supporters to make tax-deductible donations. The goal of the Foundation is to build an endowment fund that would provide additional income in future year to cover increasing expenses of Birch Bend campground, as well as provide funding for the education programs of CWK.

The College of Wilderness Knowledge offers many classes during weekends in a variety of subjects including: Environmental Science, Forestry, Astronomy, Wilderness Survival, and many more. The complete list can be found on the courses page of the CWK website. The CWK courses are open to youth groups (ages 11-18) such as boy scouts, girl scouts, 4H, campfire, and school groups.  There is no tuition or charge for camping while attending a course. School of Woodland Knowledge (SWK) courses have been developed for younger groups (ages 8-10). Aside from specific skills and courses, we strive to help young people develop qualities of leadership, self-confidence, self-esteem, appreciation of nature and the environment, respect for others, and a commitment to serve. 

The PBSC Foundation board is made up of 14 members and without Foundation, the College of Wilderness Knowledge would not have been possible. Over 3,500 youth have participated in our educational programs. We thank our supporters for their support of the PBSCF annual funding request that has provided these outdoor experiences for Minnesota youth. If you are interested in donating, please visit our donation page.

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