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Welcome to the Pine Bend Association website! Here you'll find information on the Pine Bend Association (PBA); Birch Bend, the campground that the PBA maintains; and plenty of other materials.

What or Who is the Pine Bend Association (PBA)?

The Pine Bend Association is an incorporated non-profit charitable organization with a mission to foster environmental awareness through fellowship, educational programs, and providing the opportunity to experience the wonders of the outdoors. The PBA hosts annual meetings and various social events for members.


The PBA owns and maintains land on Round Lake in Morrison County and Crow Wing County, Minnesota with the purpose of supporting forest and wetland resources while providing a rustic campground, Birch Bend. The developed campsites are available to members and their families to use. In addition, the campsites are routinely used by Scouting Troops and other similar organizations.

How do I Become a Member of PBA?

Members of the PBA are typically associated with other members, but we welcome all who are interested. Feel free to reach out to current members to network before applying to be a member. For more information enter your email below!

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Pine Bend Association

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